What is litigation? Litigation is defined as the legal proceeding between two or more opposing parties seeking to enforce or defend their legal rights in a court of law. The outcome of litigation proceedings can be decided by a judge or jury or it can be resolved through negotiation of the parties.

And what is a litigation attorney? A litigation attorney is one who excels at protecting clients' rights through use of the court system. Through experience, tenacity and sheer will, a good litigation attorney puts the needs of his or her client first and capably guides their client to the best outcome possible.

Aggressive, Effective Advocates Litigating For Your Rights

Kaler Doeling, PLLP, is an aggressive, effective advocate, fighting hard for your rights in a litigation setting. We can help you with most any litigious issue — pre-litigation and post-litigation, included — including cases involving:

Our attorneys are also keenly aware of how difficult litigation can be for an individual or business. As a result, we also work very hard to avoid the stresses of litigation whenever possible.

If litigation does turn out to be the best answer, we'll quickly move to contain costs and minimize its impact on your business. In every case, our goal remains the same — to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients through aggressive, experienced and ethical representation.

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Fargo law firm seeks attorney with 6+ years of experience in commercial law and civil litigation. Applicant must demonstrate an ability to create and maintain good client relations. The work will vary, but primarily will be representation of creditors and occasionally debtors. This position will require an ability to understand and advocate all aspects of debtor/creditor disputes. Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. Please send notice of your interest to Kaler Doeling, PLLP, attention: Jan, 3429 Interstate Blvd., PO Box 9231, Fargo, ND 58106-9231, (701) 232-8757,

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